Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Freycinet Vineyard 2022 Schönburger Riesling


Claudio Radenti and his talented team at Freycinet Estate on Tasmania's east coast make a number of wines more serious than this one; but few that are as much fun for immediate drinking pleasure, This unusual blend screams "chill me, drink me" over the summer period. The schönburger grape is a hybrid developed in Germany that has found a home in Tasmania and it makes for a happy marriage when blended with riesling; adding tropical fruit notes to the citrus and acidity of the riesling. The blend is 55% schönburger and 45% riesling and it finishes crisp acid with touch of residual sugar. Pair with Thai, or Korean, dishes, or perhaps fish and chips. Value with a capital V for $28.

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