Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Dr Edge 2021 Chardonnay


It is a foolish rookie error to leave it a few weeks before reviewing any Dr Edge wine release. Peter Dredge's wines have a cult following and this one is sold out - according to the website - although you may be lucky enough to find some in retail stores. Dredge is probably best known for pinot noir and riesling, but this blend of fruit from both ends of Tasmania soars and swirls with a palette of flavours and textures, while remaining resolutely varietal. Using Tamar and Derwent Valley fruit, it was pressed to old casks and then barrel fermented in there before being aged for nine months. This is a wonderfully athletic and energetic wine with citrus fruit, minerality and structure. Very impressive. $65. https://www.dr-edge.com/

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