Sunday, 21 November 2021

Bream Creek 2015 Cuvee Traditionelle


Tasmania's reputation for stellar sparkling wine releases is growing all the time; and this was one of the stars of the recent Effervesence festival; an impressive blend of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes that have spent five years on lees building complexity and palate interest. From a very good vintage in Tasmania, this has taken the show circuit by storm with a collection of trophies and medals. Floral and aromatic, crisp and dry with citrus, white stone fruit and yeasty elements in impressive harmony, this would be a very good choice as an aperitif for a family Christmas celebration, or enjoyed on the beach with freshly shucked oysters. $48.

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  1. Winsor this was just awarded the title of Best Aussie fizz at the World Sparkling Wine Championships! A great tribute to Fred Peacock for producing super fruit and the winemaker responsible at winemaking tas at the the time who I believe was Keira O’Brien?