Monday 30 August 2021

Domaine A 2018 Lady A Sauvignon Blanc


And now for something completely different. This Coal River Valley sauvignon blanc does not taste like any other savvv b that you've sampled. For a start, it is released at three years of age, and it is more savoury than fruity. Originally made as a tribute to the white wines of Bordeaux, this is a serious white wine, so serious that it probably deserves a philosophy degree. In the olden days it would have been labelled fumé blanc because it sees a fair whack of new French oak. It's made from fruit grown on a single hectare black at the Stoney Vineyard with 30-year-old vines. It is tight, taut, textural and just a little funky. It deserves to be enjoyed with food; particularly poultry dishes. $66.

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